【Virtual trip・Miyagi7】仮想の旅・宮城7


瑞巌寺  https://www.zuiganji.or.jp/





さんとり茶屋 http://www.santorichaya.com/oyster.html#sec6


パンセ http://www.i-pensee.jp/



高温泉「太古天泉 松島温泉」



JR松島発 16:03 ⇒ JR仙台着 16:30


I continue sightseeing of Matsushima.

Zuigan-Ji Temple https://www.zuiganji.or.jp/

At a family temple of Prince Date Masamune, it was built by Jikaku Daishi Ennin (794-864) in the Heian era. It is designated for a national treasure. An admission fee is 700 yen.

Godai-do Hall

 It is the temple which Prince Date Masamune rebuilt in 1604. As it floats on the sea like the Fukuura Island which I introduced yesterday, we cross the Sukashi bridge to go there, which means we can see the sea below through it. There are two pieces of vertical boards but there was not it in the Edo era, it was a record that people felt fear and was not able to cross it.

I’m looking for a place eaten the lunch.

Santori-chaya http://www.santorichaya.com/oyster.html#sec6

In Matsushima, an oyster is famous, but I am fascinated by a menu’s photograph and eat “bowl of eel”. It is included miso soup and salad, and the price is 1,780 yen. You can overlook Matsushima-Bay if you sit in the balcony seats.

Pannsee  http://www.i-pensee.jp/

The dessert is 200 yen in “Zunda melon Pan”. It is a Matsushima shop-limited product.

I come back to JR Matsushima Station after having become full. I dropped by the footbath of Matsushima Onsen.

High-Onsen Taiko-tensen, Matsushima-Onsen

The name mentioned above is the official name of the footbath. It is an alkali hot spring with a little stimulation. As there is not a towel, if you go there, you must be careful.

I come back to Sendai Station. As Matsushima has many highlights, you

should have a space at a time.

JR Matsushima Dep. 16:03 ⇒ JR Sendai Arr. 16:30

To be continued…


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