【Virtual trip・Miyagi5】仮想の旅・宮城5



笹かまぼこの老舗「阿部蒲鉾店・本店」 https://www.abekama.co.jp/



引用元:植山 源一郎氏著書「日本的事象・英文説明300選」

旬魚・鮨の店「あら浜」仙台店 https://www.arahama.jp/sendai.html





・ZARD 5/6まで

・B’z 5/31まで



After putting my baggage at the hotel and having taken a little break,

I go to eat dinner.

I am going to eat the speciality which saw in a book of Rurubu Miyagi.

The well-established company of the Sasakamaboko “Abe Kamaboko restaurant of head office”


 It’s two things which I want to eat. One is Sasakamaboko. You can experience to bake Sasakama at this shop. You can bake it by yourself and eat for 250 yen. The other is a gourd deep-fried food. It is a spit of two kamaboko steamed and coated with sweeter flour and deep-fried; namely, it’s like an American dock. You can eat it with Ketchup.

Kamaboko is a steamed fish-paste cake. It is semi-cylindrical in shape, and is placed on a piece of wood. The surface is often dyed red for happy occasions, because the red-and-white colour combination is regarded as a symbol of celebration.

Orgin of Source:Genichiro Ueyama” Japanese-style phenomenon, 300 selections of English sentence explanation.

Seasonal fish, sushi, “Arahama” at Sendai store


It takes 14 minutes on foot from Sendai Station to this shop, but I think that it is all right as I ate Sasakamaboko. This shop is the most famous of a seafood bowl. I’m hungry just to read a menu.

I come back to the hotel after dinner and want to get into a large

communal bath to relieve my exhaustion. I am going to go to Matsushima

tomorrow. To be continued…

I introduce YouTube to release for free of Japanese artist today.

ZARD till the 6th of May

B’z till the 31st of May

You can see a concert, MV, a stage of LIVE with YouTube official channel.

I recommend as you can get well.


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