【Virtual trip・Miyagi3】仮想の旅・宮城3





瑞鳳殿 https://www.zuihoden.com/






仙台城VRゴー https://honmarukaikan.com/vrgo





 I come back to Sendai Station for sightseeing after lunch.

 I arrive in 20 minutes in total at ”Zuiho-Den” by bus using Loopl Sendai

pass at the bus pool No.16th platform in JR Sendai Station west exit, in

detail, for 15 minutes in the bus and for a 5-minute walk. I’m getting off at

“in front of Zuiho-den Hall” bus stop. Also, there seem to be the stairs of

about 100 steps of stones until I go to the precincts from the bus stop.

Zuiho-Den https://honmarukaikan.com/vrgo

Admission is usually 550 yen but becomes discounted by 110 yen when I

show a one-day pass ticket.

 Zuiho-den Hall is a mausoleum of Prince military commander, Date Masamune who died in 1636. In the next year passed away, It was built. It is located Kyogamine, a quiet forest in the east side of Aoba-jo Castle, which is one of the Sendai feudal clan. When Prince Masamune came to hear the call of grey-headed cuckoo during the lifetime, He seemed to say to build his grave here. Now is just the season when a grey-headed cuckoo and a cherry tree bloom. It was destroyed by fire in the Pacific War of 1945, but it was repaired in 1979, and become the current figure as it was rebuilt in 2001.

 It seems to take from 40 minutes to 1 hour for a visit.

I go to Sendai Castle trace on “Loopl Sendai” again after this. It is about

7 minutes by bus.

Sendai Castle VR Go https://honmarukaikan.com/vrgo

 In Aoba-jo Castle document pavilion, you can rent an exclusive scope. The time required is 20 minutes. The charge including the entrance of the pavilion and use of the scope is 1,000 yen, but discounted to 800 yen by showing a discount coupon which you can get from the link above. You can see the scenery that Prince Date Masamune saw about 400 years ago even if it does not exist. I cleared what I wanted to take 4 mission of 5.

 I will inspect “Is the Zundamochi delicious?” in the imagination, it will be

last mission tomorrow. We will do our best in this week! 


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