【Virtual trip・Miyagi2】仮想の旅・宮城2










「旨味太助」の牛タン定食 http://www.gyutown.com/gyu_shop/tasuke/




I start for the virtual trip, Miyagi.

… Before the main subject, The time limit of “Japanese history comics for boys and girls of Shogakukan” which I showed around until April 12, but it seems to be extended more. When I checked it yesterday, the time limit disappeared. I’m happy as I have read only to 11 volumes yet. I want to read with an effort as it is 22 volumes in total. If you have not read it yet, please click here for more details.
You can read it immediately without registration.


I restart from the place where it arrived at Sendai Station at 10:40.

I will buy a one day pass called ” Loopl Sendai for bus and subway” at the

bus terminal information desk in the Sendai Station’s west exit.

You can receive the discount for admission to facilities for 920 yen.

Sendai morning market 

It is the market which is also called “kitchen of Sendai” located of Sendai Station in a 5-minute walk. Though it’s called a morning market, you are available from about 8 A.M to around 6 P.M.
According to the photograph of the book of Rurubu Miyagi, I want to eat “Jaga-Jaga croquette” at the Saito Souzai shop. It is 65 yen.

Beef tongue set meal of ”Umami Tasuke” 

I will go to “Umami Tasuke” which firstly thought about beef tongue on a 4-minute walk from Kotodai-Koen subway Station using a one day ticket. I will eat a beef tongue set meal (It costs 1,500 yen). A book of Rurubu Miyagi is greatly taken up the first.

By the plan, it takes around 2 hours for seeing Sendai morning market and

having lunch. Well, where shall we go for the next?


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