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現在は、休館中です。 松浦武四郎とは





I introduce the” Museum at home” in Japan.


I looked in the Hokkaido Museum from this site. Colouring and the

sugoroku game that the small children seemed to be able to play were

published. I paid attention that it is a godparent of Hokkaido called

Matsuura Takeshiro.

Matsuura Takeshiro(1818-1888)

He is a searcher of Hokkaido from the end of years of the Edo era to Meiji. The parents’ house was in Matsuzaka City in Mie Prefecture, and he was said to see 5 million people comings and goings worshipping to Ise Grand Shrine in front of his house. It was called a visit to trendy “Okage Mairi( say grace in English)” at the time.
He ardent believed in Prince Sugawara Michizane, and is the academic searcher and strongly liked a trip. He became a Buddhist priest, but he resigned it as his parents and brothers died, and he went to the Ezo place on the trip. It is a later story more than 30 years when Mamiya Rinzou went around Karafuto. He went to the 6 times in Hokkaido throughout life and left the investigation into 150 books record. He became a reclamation third-ranking official in 1869 and became a godparent of Hokkaido.

He heard it by the interchange that they called their land “kai” in Ainu. So

he named “Hok-kai-do” as he respected it.

You can understand for more details at “Matsuura Takeshiro Memorial” in

Matsuzaka City in Mie Prefecture. It’s closed now. 松浦武四郎とは

I imagine that if Matsuura Takeshiro had met Ino Tadataka (1745-1818)

and Mamiya Rinzou (1775-1844), they would have talked about their

pleasant trips. It deserves respect to have gone on a trip on foot in the Edo

era when the traffic did not develop.

Let’s do our best in this week.♬


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