【Milk rice cake in Taiwan style】台湾風ミルク餅



【材料1人分】牛乳 200cc, 片栗粉 大さじ3, 砂糖 大さじ1

【作り方】① 材料をすべて混ぜる

② フライパンまたは、お鍋に①を入れて、中火で煮立たせる

③ 時々混ぜると、1分ほどで、固まってくる

④ 弱火にして、もう少し混ぜる

⑤ 火を消して、平らな容器、タッパーに移し替える

⑥ 粗熱を取ったら、ラップをかけて冷蔵庫で2~3時間冷やす





I was going to cook sweets in my house and I made a”Milk rice cake in

Taiwan style ” by checking a net.

[Ingredient for one]

milk: 200cc, starch powder: 3 tablespoons, sugar: 1 tablespoon

[How to make]

① mix all ingredients
② put ① in a frying pan or a pan, and boil it up by the medium fire
③ sometimes mix it, and it becomes hard in approximately one minute
④ mix it a little more by the small fire
⑤ put out the fire, and put it in a flat container or Tupper
⑥ cool it a little as it is, and then covere it with plastic wrap and cool in a refrigerator for 2-3 hours

It is completed. In the net, it sprinkles them with Matcha powder or

soybean flour, but I don’t have it, so use brown sugar as it.

It is a very simple taste. Will you be popular in Taiwan?

Let’s do our best this week, too♬



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