【Coffee break 86】コーヒーブレイク86



●杉・・・まっすぐのびる ⇒ 真直ぐの木 ⇒ 直木 ⇒ スギ

●檜・・・伊勢神宮を建てるのに使われる木 ⇒ 日の神様(天照大神)

⇒ 日の木 ⇒ ひのき

●松・・・依り木となる木 ⇒ お正月に門松を飾る ⇒ 神様が降り

てくるのを待つ ⇒ マツ

●楓・・・葉がカエルの手みたい ⇒ カエデ





Yesterday, I saw @TourGuide_KENZO’s Twitter page which summarized the

origin of the name of the tree, and I thought it was a good idea, so I introduce it.

●Sugi (Japanese cedar) …straight growth ⇒ straight(mas’sugu) tree(ki) ⇒ straight Ki

(tree in English) ⇒ Sugi (Japanese cedar)

●Hinoki (Japanese cypress)… The tree used to build the Ise Shrine ⇒ God of the

sun (Amaterasu) ⇒ Tree of the sun (Hi-no-ki)⇒ Hinoki

●Matsu (Pine tree)… a tree that serves as a guardian tree ⇒ Displayed at New Year’s

⇒ Waiting (matsu in Japanese) for the gods to come down ⇒ Matsu (Pine tree in Japanese)

●Kaede(Maple)… the leaves look like frog’s hands ⇒ Kaede

On Sunday, I thought that if I could remember what was said in English like this,

I would be able to remember the words as well. I’m going to take the TOEIC test today.

It’s not easy to score, but I’ll do my best.

The weather looks like it’s going downhill. Have a good day!


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