【Cancellation of the festival】祭りの中止




引用元:植山 源一郎氏著書「日本的事象 英文説明300選」






We have always the festival of Japan. I introduce a famous festival called off under the influence of COVID19.

●Aoi Matsuri

Aoi-matsuri, held in honor of the two Kamo Shrine, is one of the three great festivals of Kyoto. The festival is held on May 15. The name of the festival comes from the leaves of the aoi (hollyhock) plant that are used to decorate the heads of the participants in the procession.

Origin of source: Genichiro Ueyama”Japanese-style phenomenon, 300 selections of
English sentence explanation.

It is called “Kamo matsuri”(festival of Kamo in English) formally.

By the festival that there is from the Heian era, the aristocrat watch an

event of Mr.Kamo and the Imperial Court.

Horseback archery of a Shinto ritual is the most popular.

This shoots a mark with an arrow while riding a horse at Tadasu-no-Mori.

Also, it’s popular that about 500 people in a kimono of the Heian era walk

in a line. The Shinto shrine event will be carried out.


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