【Beginning of the rainy season】梅雨入り




引用元:植山 源一郎氏著書”日本的事象・英文説明300選”





そうですよね? そうなると、レインブーツ達は、あまり使われなくなるので、



Yesterday, the Meteorological Agency announced that the rainy season

was beginning in the Amami district of Kagoshima prefecture.

It is finally the beginning of the rainy season. It gradually spreads

throughout the whole country in Japan.

Tsuyu is the early summer rainy season which begins about the middle of June and lasts about a month. This rain is needed by the farmers at rice-planning time.

Origin of source: Genichiro Ueyama ” Japanese-style phenomenon, 300 selections of English sentence explanation”.

I think that there are people who felt depressed about the rain. When it

continues it for a long time, I’m sometimes tired of it. But I enjoy it with

rain boots, a raincoat, umbrellas.

Also, if a rainy day is a holiday, I spend it on reading a book in my house,

so it will be fun. Even if the request of the self-restraint in going out is

lifted, we still seem to stay at home, don’t we?. Then we don’t need rain

boots as we stay at home for quite a long time, so how about buying new


It seems to be hot this week. We take the water and let’s do our best♬

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